Chongqing Deputy Mayor Gang Wu:” I’m Confident in This School!”

Mayor Wu with KLISCB Staff and other governors

Mayor Wu with KLISCB Staff and other governors

On Tuesday afternoon, Chongqing Deputy Mayor Gang Wu paid a visit to KL International School of Chongqing Bashu (KLISCB). Bashu Secondary School Headmaster Guohua Wang, KLISCB Head of School Emmanuel Lacoste, and Dean of China Operations Maggie Qi also joined the tour.

Mayor Wu’s visit included gathering detailed information about KLISCB’s faculty, recruitment, and curriculum structure. “I am confident in this school,” said the mayor when he interacted with the American faculty of KLISCB.


KL International School of Chongqing Bashu is the first expatriate only school to receive approval from the Chongqing Municipal Board of Education. KLISCB offers students a 100% American-style education. Chongqing is the 12th city worldwide in which KnowledgeLink Group offers international programming.


Emmanuel Lacoste, the Head of School, is a dual US-French citizen. He has served as a school leader and teacher in various countries including Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, and the United States. More than half of the KLISCB faculty members under his leadership are US citizens with several years of teaching experience. The school is open to expatriate families only and is currently enrolling students in grades 1-8 for the Fall 2015 semester.


When KLISCB was looking to situate the program in Chongqing, the prestigious Chongqing Bashu Secondary School provided its Longhu Campus. Located in a newly-developed area of Chongqing with a high concentration of foreign businesses and other international education institutes, Longhu offers exceptional resources for an international school in the Greater Chongqing area.


Although KLISCB and Bashu follow different approaches to teaching in their respective schools, the two schools share the same goal of cultivating cross-cultural abilities in their students. With a sister school partnership, the two schools join efforts to offer foreign language courses including French and Chinese, as well as traditional Chinese courses by the Confucius Insistute including Martial Arts, Calligraphy, and Paper-cutting, to name just a few.

The launching of KLISCB will contribute to the continued upgrading of Chongqing’s investment environment, and further impact Chongqing’s internationalization process.

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