KL International School Celebrates China’s Mid-Autumn Festival

As a truly global community, KL International School of Chongqing Bashu recognizes the critical role that an appreciation of cultural diversity plays in the development of each of our students. With our location in one of China’s most dynamic cities, we are well-poised to give our students authentic exposure to all the richness of Chinese culture. Our celebration of the Mid-Autumn, or Moon, Festival (Chinese: Zhongqiu) on Sept. 25 was an opportunity to do just that!

Students’ parents attend the party and learn some Chinese traditions alongside their children.


Maggie Qi, Dean of China Operations, welcomes parents and kicks off the celebration.

KLISCB student Bright takes over the microphone and hosts the entire show, receiving several rounds of applause.

KLISCB students and faculty give a dramatic performance adapted from the famous Chinese myth “Houyi and the Nine Suns (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houyi)”.


Parents join students to learn how to make mooncakes, a signature food for the festival. The round shape of the cake symbolizes family togetherness, and the sweet taste represents happiness.


At the end of the celebration, each family enjoys a pan of delicious mooncakes and, of course, a wonderful time together with the KLISCB community.

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