KLISCB Welcomes Over 100 Attendees at First-Annual Halloween Event

A favorite American holiday tradition came to Chongqing on October 29th, when the KL International School of Chongqing Bashu (KLISCB) held its first annual Halloween celebration. More than 100 people from over 30 families came to the party for authentic Halloween activities including trick or treat, haunted houses, and many other Halloween games.

20151029 Halloween 01

“It was wonderful to share a slice of American culture with families from around the world,” said Christopher Shirley, American teacher at KLISCB. The spooky fun took place in a number of venues on campus, including three game rooms, one haunted corridor, one pumpkin carving studio, and the spooky playground.

20151029 Halloween 03

In true Halloween spirit, attendees arrived at the school in a wide range of creative costumes including princess, devil, witch, and pirate. The party began with a variation of the popular “Trick-o-Treat” tradition: students played mini games to collect stamps, which they could then exchange for Halloween candy. Games included a scavenger hunt, plastic bone toss, and spooky lab. The games were not only fun, but also helped teach science skills at the same time.

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Next, people started lining up outside the haunted corridor where monsters, corpses, spiders, and ghosts awaited them. Scary as the corridor was, all the students overcame the challenge with help from their parents. Each family received a pumpkin to carve as a reward for their accomplishment.

20151029 Halloween 06

20151029 Halloween 05

KLISCB will host additional community events to celebrate the holidays of Thanksgiving (an American harvest festival) and Christmas. To learn more about these events, and KLISCB as a whole, please visit chongqing.klschool.org, e-mail us at chongqing@klschool.org, or call us at 67721777.

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