Students Enjoy Demo Classes at KLISCB May Open House

Students and parents interested in discovering what makes a KLISCB education unique had the opportunity to learn first-hand at KLISCB’s May 21 Open House.


Students enjoyed one of 3 demonstration, or “demo,” lessons customized for their age level. These classes were designed to give students the experience of what it would be like to attend a typical KLISCB class.


Meanwhile, parents had the opportunity to meet and learn from school administrators about the KLISCB academic program, future possibilities for US study, and overall benefits of the school experience.


Academic Dean Kate Hummel presented the highlights of KLISCB’s academic programs, which include:

  • US Education with High Academic Standards
  • Small Class Sizes: Maximum of 15 Students per Class
  • Individualized Attention from Teachers & Teacher Assistants
  • Student-Centered & Project-Based Learning
  • “Whole Child” Approach to Education
  • Family-Oriented Community
  • Preparation for Higher Education in the US


Jorge Mario described the benefits of KLISCB’s curriculum materials:

  • Strong student achievement results with respect to core subjects
  • Comprehensive system that supports both teachers and students
  • Easy-to-follow textbook design and workflow
  • Language content that effectively addresses ELL needs
  • Supplementary materials to further develop skills as well as improve teaching methodology and classroom instruction


Missed our Open House? Call 023-67721777 to inquire about future events or personalized visits!

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