KL International School of Chongqing Bashu is a not-for-profit school established in 2015 to reflect realities of the world today, and an openness to tomorrow’s future. A microcosm of our borderless, more connected world, the KLIS community is built upon trust, intellectual curiosity, and a thirst for what’s next. Shaping the educational experience are two visionary partners, among them:


At the venerable academic institution

Chongqing Bashu Secondary School

(est. 1934 in Chongqing, China), currently ranked #5 among the top 100 schools in China, and with a long tradition of educating leaders in politics, academia, and the arts
Chongqing Bashu Secondary School has long been known for its outstanding teaching quality. Founded in 1933 by Wang Zuanxu, Chairman of Sichuan province during the Kuomingtang period, it is now one of the largest secondary schools in China with 4 campuses totaling 62 acres, serving over 15,000 students and 900 teaching staff. Ranked as fifth on the list of The Top 100 High Schools in China, Bashu students have achieved significant accolades in Senior High School and College Entrance Exams.

Among Bashu’s most prominent alumni are Liu Yongqing, wife of China's former President Hu Jintao;Chen Changzhi, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Congress; Wu Jinglian, one of the preeminent economists of China; Zhang Huangqiao, sitting member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zeng Tian, famous news anchor of CCTV.

WEBSITE www.bashu.com.cn


with the worldwide resources of

KnowledgeLink Group

(est. 2012 in Massachusetts, United States) a visionary educational group that has founded, developed, and is administering 10 diploma-granting branch campuses of US independent schools in 10 cities throughout China
KL is committed to creating, sustaining, and growing visionary educational programming that meets the goals of globally-minded PreK-adult learners, the faculty and administration who serve them, and the organizations and corporations who go on to employ them, worldwide.
Since 2012, we have founded, developed, and are administering 14 diploma-granting branch campuses of US independent schools, serving over 700 students in Grades 1-12, in 10 cities throughout China. We have also created, staffed, and managed over 70 short-term institutes and exchanges serving over 1,000 learners from China, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, and Brazil.

WEBSITE www.kleducation.org