Values & Beliefs

We Value


To be be skilled navigators in a complex, networked, and global society, our students must communicate and connect across borders, instinctively acquire and immediately adapt skills with new technologies, and sustain a problem-solving mindset that is focused on pressing and authentic real world issues.

Resilience & independence

Students must become the navigators of their own learning journey with dedicated teachers as their co-learners, guides, mentors, and senior partners. Our emphasis is on deeper learning, higher-order thinking, and practical, real-world applications.


Our families belong to a school community that values relationships and working together. In partnership with parents, we create a culture that enables students to grow as self-directed and high-capacity creative thinkers and contributors.


Our program helps students make the leap to something new. It fosters the interdisciplinary, connected thinking, and imagination that fuels the engine of innovation. It values the arts as the connective tissue between what we know and do now, and what we can know and do in the future.


Children are born curious. We keep that curiosity alive with individual, small group, and large group learning opportunities designed to honor individual contributions, develop skills, and enable students to immerse themselves in topics of interest and strength.


None of us individually is as smart as all of us collectively. We develop students’ ability to work as a team, to respect the contributions of others, and to make the connections that enable the individual to make a creative contribution.

We Believe

  • All children can be engaged in learning, and all children can participate and grow
  • Learning is a personal and life-long adventure that is serious, relevant, essential, and fun. We cultivate an undiminished thirst for learning that carries students through secondary school, university, the workforce, and life
  • Children learn best when they are the center of their own learning, and learn deeply and vigorously when driven by their own questions. At the heart of the curriculum lies the child
  • Teaching is the canny art of intellectual temptation. We challenge and support children to try things outside their comfort zone. They build their understandings, skill set literacies, and understanding through active participation
  • Learning is a social process. We support children in their practice of mutual respect, reflection, cooperation, leadership, and deep engagement with their work and with others