Vision & Mission

As a not-for-profit K-8 school, KL International School of Chongqing Bashu (KLISCB) has a singular goal: to prepare creative, collaborative, and curious students who will thrive as educated global citizens, self-sustaining learners, and ethical leaders.

This is no easy feat, as the future is rapidly changing and impossible to predict. Old ways of learning - teachers lecturing at the front of a classroom, students rotely memorizing facts and formulas - are insufficient to meet the challenges of our time. Today’s students must understand how to use information in rigorous and novel ways. It is not enough to recite a mathematical formula – it must be applied to new challenges in mechanical engineering. It is not enough to read about famous debates in history – students must be able to critically dissect and respond to others’ arguments themselves. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and cultural literacy: these are not mere buzzwords, but essential parts of learning – and leading – in our global world.

At KLISCB, our students are not the reciters - they are the responders. Join us online - and on campus - as we explore what it means to be a

“responsive school for a changing world"