English Language Arts

The goal of KLISCB’s English Language Arts (ELA) and literacy program is to enable students to confidently and fluently express themselves in spoken and written English, as well as instill in them a lifelong love of reading. Students build a strong foundation for reading through the language skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, and word analysis. Coursework includes reading age-appropriate books to build students’ comprehension, develop their abilities to make predictions about text, and enable them to respond to questions before, during, and after reading.


KLISCB’s mathematics program provides students with the foundation in number sense and basic mathematical concepts necessary for success both in upper-level mathematics courses and analytical problem-solving throughout life. Both the fundamentals of arithmetic and more complex concepts like geometric shapes and figures, measurement concepts, and how to read data representations are covered through hands-on projects, iPad learning, and guided interaction with older peers.


KLISCB’s social studies program cultivates in students an understanding of both their local community and the world as a whole, as well as a deep love of investigation and exploration into their own culture, others’ cultures, and all that defines civilization. Through reading and responding to social studies text, social studies coursework will reinforce the literacy skills developed in ELA coursework.


KLISCB’s science program draws upon the natural curiosity of children to guide them in a critical exploration of our natural and physical world, including flora and fauna, geology, the elements, and space. Students learn through interaction, experimentation, and application of scientific concepts, and will reinforce the literacy skills developed in ELA coursework by reading and responding to scientific texts.