When your family joins the KL International School of Chongqing Bashu (KLISCB), you join a network of visionary schools and educational programming in the United States and China. As you child looks ahead to college, career, and full participation in our global society, his KLISCB education - and access to that worldwide network of KL affiliates - will prepare him well for all that lies ahead.


Opportunities for US study

Students at KLISCB can take advantage of the opportunity to supplement their studies with summer and school break programming in the United States. Our programs include:

    • KL Leadership Program at Harvard University
    • High school programs at public and private high schools in the US
    • Intensive ESL programs in the US
    • American shadowing programs (experiential programs) at public and private high schools in the US

Opportunity for US high school diploma

Students continuing their studies at KLISCB through 12th grade will have the opportunity to earn a US high school diploma, which will benefit them when applying to US colleges and universities. Students wishing to continue their high school studies in the US have access to our network of 300+ high-caliber partner schools.