Peter Gangemi has been working in international education for the past 6 years. After graduating with a BA in Anthropology from University of Massachusetts, Boston, he worked for several years researching Viking and medieval farmsteads in northern Iceland. Afterwards, he took his passion for international education to China, where he studied Chinese intensively at Beijing Normal University. During that time, he also worked with education consultancies to assist students transitioning to the U.S. for high school and college studies. For the past 2 years, Peter has worked on the “front lines” establishing institutional partnerships between domestic and foreign schools. He was key in the development of 7 diploma programs in China that currently host over 500 students and nearly 50 American teachers. In his spare time, Peter greatly enjoys racket sports. His love for badminton began in China and has followed him back to the U.S., where he sometimes takes part in local competitions.